Best Smoke Detector 2020

Nothing is more important than your family, and nothing is more expensive than your home. assure them both with these smoke alarms. Our selections add both battery-powered and hardwired models, as well as alternative with convenient features, like integrated nightlights, voice alerts, and carbon monoxide detectors. Some top-of-the-line contribution can even connect with your home’s smart system. A smart smoke detector should be an vital part of any smart home or apartment. Just like their usual match, smart smoke and fire detectors have loud, biting alarms to wake you if there’s a problem, so you and your loved ones can safely rescued, or put out the fire. Smart smoke detectors go a step further, as they can send a signal to your smartphone if they sense something amiss. That way, if you’re at office, or out of town, you can call the fire station or a neighbor check on your house, to see if everything is OK.

Another advance of a smart smoke detector is that some can disclose the room in which an incident is occurring, and automatically alert other smart smoke detectors in your house. Some can also be linked to smart lights, so you can better find your way out.

1. Nest Protect

Nest’s smoke alarm catch both smoke and carbon monoxide, and when it does pick up something, it will not only sound an alarm, but will also confirm you in what room the alert is coming from, and the type of the alert. An LED ring on the bottom of the alarm also shift color, giving you a visual idea.

The Nest Protect comes in both wired and battery-powered form. If you have more than one in your home, and one goes off, the others will too, alerting you to the exact location of the fire.

Nest Protect also works with a broad range of smart-home devices. For example, in the event of an emergency, Nest can automatically turn on your lights, making it easier for you to get out of your house. This only works for those who have not converted their Nest account to a Google Assistant account. It does not natively work with Alexa.

2. Roost Smart Battery


The Roost battery is the perfect for those who already have smoke detectors, and want to build them “smart.” The Roost battery, which is Wi-Fi- enabled, sends a signal to your smartphone when the siren goes off. The second-generation battery looks and begin like the original, but has a much easier setup process.

Through the app, which can make a large number of connected batteries, you have the opportunity to silence the alarm for up to 2 minutes, and naturally send an alert to someone else. It no longer works with IFTTT—nor any smart home system—to, say, turn on your lights when the alarm goes off.

The battery is construct to last up to five years, and will manage with any smoke/CO alarms that use a 9-volt battery, which includes hard-wired alarms with a 9V battery backup.

Roost battery has renovate its app so that users can get informed when there is a severe weather alert, such as hail, freezing temperatures, heavy rainfall and snow, and storms and high winds.

3. OneLink Safe & Sound


The OneLink Safe & Sound catch smoke and carbon monoxide, sends a signal to your smartphone, and inform you the type and exact location of the fire or condition. But for those times when it’s not warning you of fire, you can apply it for a great many other things. With Amazon’s Alexa, the Safe & Sound can play music, listen to audiobooks, and approach Alexa’s thousands of skills.

The Safe & Sound need a hard-wired connection, and we begin that the area of these connections doesn’t make it the most helpful for using all of Alexa’s capabilities.

4. Onelink Smart Smoke

The second-generation Onelink Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm build in battery and hardwired models. The Onelink will not only sound an alarm, but also define the room affected and the type of signal: smoke or carbon monoxide. Also like the Nest Protect, if you have more than one Onelink alarm, you can linked them so that if one goes off, they all will.

An LED rings the middle of the alarm and advance color based on the alarm’s status. Green and blue indicate that the alarm is origin up or in pairing mode. Yellow means low battery, while red means there’s a fire or smoke condition.

Onelink’s alarm apply photoelectric technology, which is commonly better at catching smoldering fires than are alarms that use ionization technology. The latter are more at detecting fast-burning fires.

The Onelink can be linked to HomeKit and Alexa (but not Google Assistant), so you can ask both Siri and Amazon’s voice assistant for the condition of the smoke detector, but not much extra. By contrast, if the Nest Protect catch fire or carbon monoxide, you can have it naturally turn on a security camera, open Lutron blinds, turn on Philips Hue lights, turn off your heat and more.

Setup should apparently be easy—just scan a HomeKit code in the Onelink app—but it took a few attempt to get it to work. The Onelink smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is good on its owned, but the Nest Protect accomplish more for the same price.

5. First Alert BRK 3120B 

The First Alert BRK 3120B Photoelectric Smoke Detector is a premium smoke detector that offers a wide range of helpful extra features to help keep you safe from fires in all household situations.

Its dual sensor smoke alarm design combines the mechanisms of a photoelectric smoke alarm and an ionization smoke alarm to detect all types of fire with ease, and the loud 85-decibel alarm bell gives instant warning of potential dangers. This model of smoke detector can be linked to up to 12 smoke alarms and 6 bells to maximize early warning, sounding all devices as soon as one of them is tripped.

6. Ardwolf Photoelectric

The Ardwolf Photoelectric Wireless Smoke Detector is a battery powered smoke detector with an in-built 10-year lithium battery, offering a full 10-year lifespan with no need for battery replacement.

This allows it to remain fully operational through power outages with minimal maintenance across the entirety of its 10-year lifespan, keeping you safe with minimal effort required.

When this photoelectric smoke detector detects smoke or combustion particles in the air, it sounds loud alarms and flashes red LED lights at high speed for visual and audible warning of smoke and fire hazards in your home no matter what the environment may be.

7. Kidde RF-SM-DC

Easy to use and easy to install, the Kidde RF SM DC Wireless Smoke Detector is a user-friendly and powerful smoke detector. Using ionization sensor technology, this model of smoke detector excels at detecting sudden flares of fire from flammable liquids and materials, keeping you safe from unexpected flames.

It can be linked to up to 18 compatible smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and 6 additional alarms and relays, giving comprehensive coverage so that if one alarm detects smoke or fire, then all of them will sound, maximizing your safety and early warning of potential fire hazards.

8. Kidde KN-COSM-BA

The Kidde KN COSM BA Voice Warning Alarm is an unusual model of combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector, offering vocal warnings rather than a more traditional alarm bell.

This enables it to provide different warnings for different hazards, making it instantly clear whether the danger detected is a smoke or fire hazard or a high concentration of carbon monoxide.

This extra information makes the safety process easier to parse in a hurry, giving you all the information necessary and making it easier to react correctly to the situation.

The combination design of this smoke detector allows it to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide without requiring a second detector to be installed, simplifying your home safety system significantly.

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