Best Dehumidifiers For Home In 2020

A dehumidifier combats the moisture in your home and removes damp air from your basement, bathroom, attic, or other humid spaces. It also helps rid your home of dust mites, mildew, and mold as these tend to increase once the humidity level rises above 50 percent. Dehumidifiers use a fan to pull air in, move it over refrigerated coils to remove the moisture from the air and deposit it into a tank. They’re essential if you’re dealing with mold growth, condensation on your windows, musty odors, or a damp basement.

The best dehumidifiers can help dry out your home and, by extension, your life. High humidity levels in your basement and laundry room, and throughout your home if you live in a really wet climate, may increase the risks of mold, mildew, dust mites and more in your living space. All of these contaminants can cause problems for people with allergies.

Plus, this dampness just isn’t pleasant. Even if you don’t have health issues that could be affected by humidity, you probably don’t enjoy feeling sticky. The best dehumidifiers can help mitigate these concerns and make your space more comfortable.

To determine the best dehumidifiers on the market, we looked at the top picks, Consumer Reports, the Good Housekeeping Institute and others, as well as top-selling and highly reviewed machines on Amazon, Best Buy and The Home Depot. We narrowed the list down to seven models based on features, price, efficiency and ease of use.

1. Frigidaire FFAP7033T1

The Frigidaire FFAP7033T1 is the best dehumidifier overall. It’s one of only two devices on our list with an active pump, meaning you can send water to an elevated sink or out a window if you don’t have a floor drain and don’t want to go through the hassle of removing and emptying the bucket.
The Frigidaire FFAP7033T1 performed admirably, reducing the humidity in a Los Angeles bedroom-sized space from 72% to 58% in a half-hour. Consumer Reports found that the Frigidaire FFAP7033T1 did an “excellent job” removing water from the air in warmer spaces but noted that this dehumidifier may be less efficient in cooler temps.
There are hooks for wrapping up the power cord when the machine sits right next to an outlet or when you want to store it away, and the filter is easily accessible for removal and cleaning. And while the device does come on casters for easy rolling, it also has a heavy-duty top handle for carrying down stairs.
Keep in mind, though, that the Frigidaire’s tank capacity is just 13.1 pints. If you live in a really damp space and run the machine continuously, that volume will fill up pretty fast, and the device will shut down until you empty the bucket. The GE APER70LW, our runner-up, has a 17.5-pint capacity.



It’s the only other dehumidifier on our list with an active water pump, although you also have the option to passively drain the tank using a hose or by carrying the bucket to a sink. This device comes with all the features you’d expect in a top-ranked dehumidifier, including a digital display for indicator lights and changing timer, speed and humidity settings.

3. LG PuriCare UD501KOG5

The LG PuriCare UD501KOG5 is a medium-capacity, 50-pint dehumidifier good at drying out midsized spaces. It has an attractive design, a large digital display and a clear water bucket with a large handle. That makes it easy to see when the tank needs to be emptied, and the handle makes it easy to carry the tank to a drain or sink.

The larger, 70-pint version, the LG UD701KOG3, got good reviews from Consumer Reports, the Good Housekeeping Institute and others for its sleek design and overall performance, including energy efficiency.

That model has been discontinued by LG, but the LG PuriCare UD501KOG5 has a similar design and features, as well as lots of positive user reviews on the Home Depot and Sam’s Club websites. We’ll keep an eye on real-world tests and update here accordingly.

4. Frigidaire FFAD3033R1

The 30-pint Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 is a great choice for laundry rooms, apartments and other small spaces. It’s portable and its four wheels make it easy to move from room to room if needed.

This machine did well in real-world tests for water removal, reaching humidity levels that were 28% below where the tests started). It also did well on humidistat accuracy and cool-room performance.

Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 also has user-friendly design features similar to those of its larger cousin, the FFAP7033T1, including an easily accessible filter, a sturdy handle and cord-storage hooks.

The Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 is Energy Star-certified, but buyer Reports saw decent results in energy-efficiency tests. Additionally, this dehumidifier to be a bit louder than other 30-pint machines, likely due to its superior performance.

5. Frigidaire FAD301NWD

The Frigidaire FAD301NWD is the most basic machine to make our list, but it offers a good bang for your buck if you’re trying to dehumidify a small space on a small budget. Consumer Reports tests found that this model is quiet, excellent at removing water from the air and energy-efficient (it’s Energy Star-certified).

Where the Frigidaire FAD301NWD falls short is in its design details. There’s no digital display, so you have to manually adjust humidity levels using an old-school dial. There’s no filter-change indicator or timer, and there’s only one fan speed. Just think of it as “retro.”

So if you can find the similarly sized (but more sophisticated) Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 at a similar price, we recommend going for that instead. The digital display and additional sensors may offer a better overall user experience.

However, Amazon and Best Buy customers didn’t seem to mind the Frigidaire FAD301NWD’s minimalist functionality, giving it overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Dehumidifiers can help you manage the humidity in your home by getting rid of unwanted humidity in the air. While some dehumidifiers are costly, you don’t need to contribute a lot to balance the humidity in your home. We’ve accumulated up the best dehumidifiers for all needs, homes, and budgets.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve produced several how-to articles and product reviews, including this one. In this review, we’ve certified and listed the 5 best dehumidifiers on the market, at least in our humble opinion. We’ve categorized them by their size so that you have an option for every situation.

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